Spare Parts & Customer Service

Spare Parts & Customer Service

Maintenance is now crucial to industrial success.

Parts for routine maintenance or fault fixing are easily identifiable thanks to the detailed user manuals supplied with the equipment. Inside there are exploded drawings of the main groups of components and useful tips for maintenance to get the most out of your investment and extend its life.

Our PMP (Preventive Maintenance Program), developed and adapted to Customer requests, ensure a long service life for your production facilities.

We can upgrade units for better performance, replace worn parts with the latest technology developed after a few years’ constant use, and overhaul old machines to help you get the most from them.

Through the latest technologies of Industry 4.0, we offer remote support service via PC connection or Smart Glasses, in order to be able to help your operators in real time.



Teletech is a tele-assistance service applied to all our electrical machines and applicable to hydraulic machines equipped with the latest generation PLC. Through the remote connection we diagnose any machine performance, with the possibility to intervene without the help of a technician on site.



Wearing Smart Glasses, your operator can, with a simple click, connect to our specialized staff and receive the information provided in real time, enjoying all the benefits of on-site assistance.