Blow molding machine configuration change can vary depending on customer requests and needs.

For instance, the HV configuration (HYPER-VERSATILE) is suitable for blow molding applications that require:

  • a highly flexible platform
  • a solution able to run different heads, to give the maximum product range

As such, an extrusion blow molding machine with HV configuration is capable of manufacturing multiple containers with potentially small run change over time.


HYPER-VERSATILE configuration change

As a blow molding system, the HV configuration includes:

  • Mold plates with internal water connections. As a result, no more screws and/or water plugs to disconnect the molds
  • Special conveyors for mold exit, thus no more mold crane unit
  • Trolley for mold storage
  • Special blow pin group with internal air and water connections, which mean no more screws, no more air, and water plugs to disconnect the group. The blow pin group will exit the machine together with the mold, so no more blow pins centering or height adjustment (Patent Pending)
  • Blow pin group with a self-compensation system of calibration force (Patent Pending)
  • Individual positioning system for picker plate (both for calibrator and expansion grippers). As such, when the calibration unit will be reassembled on the machine, no more centering adjustments are needed
  • Special extrusion head connection, leading to no more melt pipe flanges unscrew and head connection directly from the HMI (Patent Pending)
  • Crane for head loading/unloading directly installed in the blow molding machine
  • Trolley for the head storage with pre-heating system


The  HV configuration dramatically decreases the time necessary for a complete size changeover with different cavitation. For example from a 4+4 size to a 6+6, within 3,5 hours and 2 operators, independently from the number of extruders.


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