Optimizing production efficiency and achieving high product quality standards have always been our main focus.   

That's why we have dedicated teams available to support you during all phases of the project.

  • We support our customers at every stage of the design process, from market research, analysis of needs, customized proposals, rapid prototyping of the plastic bottle, to first industrial sampling.
  • Our in-house Laboratory allows us to control a variety of parameters and make rapid product improvements. Commonly applied checks include the following tests: dimensional measurement, layers distribution, thickness measurement and top load test.
  • Our Customer Care team of technical experts and multilingual sales staff are constantly working to assist you in real time using smart devices, therefore to ensure effective remote support.
  • Efficiency and obsolescence are often difficult aspects to reconcile. In order to remain competitive within the market, Techne has always offered an analysis and evaluation of retrofit applications for old Extrusion Blow Molding machines.
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