About us


Our aim is to become the largest Service and Support Company providing packaging processing for mass-consumption products. We strongly believe in bonding with our customers, guaranteeing the best results and performance of both their human and financial resources.


Techne’s mission is to ensure that you maximize your productivity. We have been in the plastic manufacturing industry for over 30 years. Our expertise covers diagnosis, training, maintenance, retrofits, production process consulting, and we are specialists in providing the best after sales service assistance all over the world. Always at your service.

The history of

Techne is a leader in the food and industrial-packaging market since 1985, specialized in manufacturing extrusion blow-molding machines.
The company has always prided itself on its mastery of the mechanical technology and the concepts required in manufacturing high-quality EBM machines – from extrusion screws to extrusion heads, operating software and blow molds.

In 2007, Techne released its first ADVANCE machine, with a fully electric motion control system, a huge leap forward from the old hydraulic technology.

Techne’s plastic bottle machines are used in several activity sectors:

  • For liquid food preparations containing aseptic products such as milk, fruit juice, tomato sauce and sports drinks, as well as pasteurized products like yoghurt;
  • For industrial applications in the production of lubricants, agrochemicals, hazardous goods, household products, and personal hygiene and care items.

In 2017, Ángel E.Lupi in partnership with Oswaldo Cisneros, acquired TECHNE.

What we do

Wide range of customized equipment to meet our customer’s need:
  • Productivity;
  • Number of packaging layers;
  • Available Physical space;
  • Financial requirements.
  • Complete packaging design service, from your idea to mold development
  • Our in-house laboratory and testing equipment allows Techne to guarantee the highest quality packaging.
On-site or remote round-the-clock support for:
  • Daily operations;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Spare parts;
  • Retrofits.
  • Development of Integrated Systems;
  • Combined Support with other suppliers;
  • Technical analysis of the most suitable Upstream and Downstream ancillaries for Techne’s machines


TECHNE’s new plant has been designed with an environmentally- friendly perspective. The different kinds of waste materials, generated during on-site production (paper, cardboard, iron, copper and aluminium) are completely recycled through a differentiated collection system, and rainwater is used to irrigate our garden.
Our commitment to sustainability is deeply embedded in the design of our new generation machines:

  • Atmospheric electro-magnetic radiations are significantly reduced by using state-of-the-art equipment and solutions;
  • Our machines do not use any kind of hydraulic oil (in a typical hydraulic machine, the amount of hydraulic oil can reach over 600 litres every 12.000 working hours);
  • Our state-of-the-art innovative bus wiring remarkably reduces copper wire’s presence, avoiding the massive use of a material that is extremely expensive to extract, produce and dispose off;
  • The equipment’s noisiness is reduced over a 30% compared to standard hydraulic units, reaching a level of 80-84 Db(A);
  • Our new generation machines (Full Electric Motion with an industrial PC control) guarantee over a 44% of energy saving compared to hydraulic solutions. This translates to an annual saving of € 40,000 for a mid-size machine considering the average cost of Kw/h in Europe.