About us

Techne has been a leader in Extrusion Blow Molding machines manufacturing since 1985 and offers tailor-made solutions according to the needs of its customers.

Techne has the highest expertise necessary in terms of mechanical technology and the know-how for the production of high-quality EBM machinery, from screws and extrusion heads to software and molds.

In 2007 Techne introduced the first ADVANCE machine with Full Electric technology,  with an all-electric motion control system that was very innovative compared to the old hydraulic technology, and in 2019 developed the new design with the E-line, PH-line, TK-line series.

Techne's plastic containers or jerry cans manufacturing machines are used:

  • For liquid food preparations containing aseptic products such as milk, fruit juice, tomato sauce and sports drinks, as well as pasteurized products like yoghurt;
  • For industrial applications in the production of lubricants, agrochemicals, hazardous goods, household products, and personal hygiene and care items.
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Our technology

Blow Molding

The extrusion blow molding process consists in molding plastic containers in which granule plastic (HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, E-PET) is fused and extruded in a parison (hollow tube). The parison then enters a cooled metal mold. When air is blown inside the parison, that being in touch the mold takes the shape of the designed bottle.

Among Blow Molding companies, Techne has always stood out for one reason in particular: Techne’s Blow Molding machines remain perfectly operative for over 20 years. Each installed system has in fact a very long service life. The structure and components are all subjected to thorough quality testing and control to ensure that each unit is produced to the highest possible standards.

Our facility

Production area

The production area of 5000  is made up of 22 assembly sites served by compressed air, chilled water and electricity.

It is also equipped with two overhead travelling cranes of 12.5 tonnes each and one overhead travelling crane of 40 tonnes for handling the machines during assembly and packaging/dispatch. This production area potentially allows up to 1 machine every 8 weeks per pitch at the same time.

The warehouse area, on the other hand, includes about 250  of surface area where all machine assembly parts and spare parts are stored.

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