A stop during production can be complicated to deal with, especially in plastic extrusion blow molding.

The mold change is one of those activities that determine a critical loss of time during the manufacturing process: as such, speed in this procedure is key.

Molds changeover can usually take several hours in the best conditions; however, Techne has developed a faster mold change system, which reduces maintenance time to just 2,5 hours (quick mold change) or even 1,5 hours (quick mold change plus)

Techne’s quick mold change services are based on cutting-edge technology, which innovates blow molding troubleshooting by improving every step that takes place during the replacement process.


Fast mold change (2-2,5h)

This service has an Intervention time on blow molding equipment of up to 2,5 hours. It comprises:

  • Quick couplings for water;
  • Mold and Masks;
  • Crane for moving mold and masks;
  • High accessibility;
  • Wheeled lifting platform;
  • Actuators for parison dosage;
  • Keys for mold placing;
  • Blow pins quick change;


Fast mold change plus (1,5h)

This is Techne's fastest blow molding machine parts service.

To further shorten the time needed for mold changeover, the quick mold change plus package can be activated.

The following options are available for every machine and they help save up to 30 minutes in the replacement process:

  1. Magnetic plate;
  2. Roller conveyor;

With Techne quick mold change systems, each intervention assures a faster and safer mold movement. Both services analyze and optimize the performance of blow molding machines, improving the quality of your production.


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