Saving energy in the blow molding of plastics is key to great performance and leads to cost-effective policies, which benefit the company in every aspect.

More than ever, the suppliers of blow-molded bottles or containers are challenged by the quest for energy optimization and energy efficiency, also because of the increasingly high demand for economically sustainable goods.

The majority of the energy costs related to plastics production are determined by the types of blow molding machines currently in use: for this reason, it is important to evaluate the best technology available, choosing the solution that guarantees top quality and feasibility.

Hydraulic blow molding machine vs. electric blow molding machines 

In most cases, manufacturers employ a hydraulic blow molding machine in their plant. This equipment is usually very widespread in the industry, thanks to the durability and high degree of reliability that ensures.

For instance, Techne hydraulic blow molding machines lifetime is well over 20 years.

This characteristic has been a signature of our offer and has proved to be a competitive advantage for all our customers, who could count on a long-lasting product and thus plan their production with great value for money.

As such, the main advantage of a hydraulic blow molding machine is simple: it keeps running for a very long time. However, this technology is also subject to obsolescence and this is especially true when it comes to energy-saving upgrades plus new sustainability standards.


Therefore, the solution to energy efficiency is the migration from a blow molding machine based on a hydraulic system to an electric one.

A full electric blow molding machine can help manage energy costs by reducing: 

  • Power consumption saving
  • Air / water supply for machine cooling saving.
  • Extruded plastic material saving and optimization thanks to an improved parison adjustment
  • Absence of a hydraulic unit in electrical technology


Techne has done the math and plastic recycling is key to lower costs and impact; in addition, the absence of a hydraulic unit in electrical technology makes it much easier to reach a sustainable output.

Numbers confirm that savings translate into energy efficiency and technological improvements into production optimization.


How much can you actually save at the end of a productive month by using an electric blow-molding machine instead of one or more hydraulic ones?

Techne provides an efficiency plan analysis through the replacement of hydraulic technology with an electric extrusion blow molding machine.


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