Customer Care

We take care of you through personalized service, preventive maintenance, high-quality spare parts and technical training for your operators.

With a global network of technical experts, a comprehensive portfolio of products and services and the continuous development of tailored made customized solutions, we support our customers in their operational challenges, in ensuring the highest quality, in improving efficiency and in digitization. 

By using new technologies we see exactly what's happening on board your machine in real time, so offering a remote assistance in order to optimise efficiency and avoid the need for emergency maintenance. This is the triumph of Industry 4.0 in Customer Care.

The Spare Parts Department is entirely dedicated to the customer: from the analysis of his request, it supports him with a continuous and always present contact, providing the best assistance and the most appropriate solutions to each need. 


Preventive Maintenance Plan

Customer service that is truly effective for the peace of mind of small and large manufacturers is the challenge for all companies. At Techne we have enhanced traditional customer service with packages of Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) tailored to our customers' needs. 

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A PMP has three added values compared to standard customer service:

  • Tailor made - Each plan that Techne develops can be tailored to the needs of our customers. It is adjustable both in duration and in the type of services and materials included.
  • An assurance - For our customers, using a PMP means entrusting the maintenance and guaranteed efficiency of the blow moulding machine to Techne. We take care of what needs to be done to maintain efficiency and high quality standards, forever.
  • Zero management costs​The spare parts supplied by Techne are not an asset for the customer, nor are they idle capital in their warehouse not easy to dispose in case of non-use.
Remote Assistance


Techne’s Spare Parts Service offers a wide range of spare parts for extrusion and blow- molding machines. Our main goal at Techne is to reduce delivery times and therefore a machine’s downtime as much as possible.

Maintenance is mandatory to industrial success. Every machine’s downtime involves money loss. It is therefore to our customer’s advantage to resort to a preventive maintenance in addition to the normal scheduled one.

Remote Assistance

Smart Glasses

We know how important it is for our customers to fix any given situation quickly and efficiently, thus we have created a support system that will help in your bottle blowing process.

On-site assistance involves travel and waiting expenses that are increasingly inconvenient but sometimes it is challenging for the operator to remotely explain an issue, without being able to physically show it to Techne’s experts. As a solution to this problem, Techne has implemented its Smart Glasses within its Assistance Package. By wearing Smart Glasses, the operator has full access to remote technical support, training and maintenance procedures by highly qualified personnel.

A new concept for immediate on-site assistance that, especially in this historical period, is highly appreciated by our customers.

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Training is the essential basis for a correct and conscious use of Blow Molding machines.

Thanks to an adequate know-how, your technicians will be able to autonomously manage production, ensuring a return of your investment right from the beginning.

At the end of our training course, operators will carry out a final test to prove they have reached the required skills needed during the blow molding process and machine function. If the test results are positive, operators will receive a Certificate issued by our team of experts.

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