Efficiency and obsolescence are often difficult to reconcile. In order to be competitive within the market, Techne has always offered a retrofit service for Extrusion and Blowing machines.

Techne’s machines have an average service-life of over 20 years. The challenge is to keep up with the times and follow technological evolution, providing the necessary support for our customers to improve their results in terms of machine reliability and repeatability of industrial production.

Our experience enables us to render your blow extrusion machines more competitive, optimizing their production efficiency through the use of the latest technologies.

For this reason our customer service team has specialized in the analysis and evaluation of retrofit applications and improvements to old blowing machines.

The advantages of updating a blowing machine are not always obvious, but they are certainly tangible. From our experience in supporting our customers, we have found at least three of them:

advanced technologies

Plastic saving

& Production Efficiency

The implementation of advanced technologies involves numerous benefits, including the reduction of plastic consumption and an increase in the production efficiency of an old machine

Techne has implemented a Parison Radial Regulation system (P.R.A.) in which the conventional die is replaced with a deformable one, made of a special alloy that can be crushed and stretched to an oval form, during extrusion, by two or more electric or hydraulic actuators.

As in all our machines, it is possible to vary the thickness along the parison lenght, plus varying the shape and concentricity of the space within the die, a much greater degree of radial control of the thickness of the parison wall is obtained.

The implementation of this innovative system brings to our customers 5 competitive advantages:

  • Saving plastic material
  • Decrease in cycle time
  • Stricter specifications
  • Reduction of any deformations
  • Increased packaging resistance
4.0 connectivity

Reduction of downtime

PLC Replacement

The continuous use of a blow molding machine for over 20 years can cause obsolescence in some parts of the machine, one of which is definitely the PLC.

A frequent problem for those who have older technologies is in fact the difficulty in recovering spare parts that are no longer on the market. Techne is aware of what a possible downtime means, therefore we propose replacing the plc hard to find on the market with the latest generation one.

By updating technology, the benefits are many:

  • Components guaranteed by B&R
  • Interconnection, Teletech remote support system that allows us to analyze and diagnose every situation
  • Connectivity 4.0 that allows us to exchange and read all the most relevant data according to the standard OPC 
  • The operations per second of the new PLC are much faster, allowing a more refined movements control.
monolayer & coex

Long-lasting EBM

New extrusion head

One of the key advantages of upgrading an old machine is undoubtedly related to the prolongation of the service-life of the machine itself, but also to the optimization in terms of process, savings and eco-sustainability, for example with the application of new extrusion heads.

Techne designs and manufactures its extrusion heads from Monolayer to Coex6 through continuous study work and application of technical and design improvements

Besides being reliable, today technology must meet an important requirement: a close attention to resources and environment. For example, with the transition from Monolayer to Coex3, our customers have realized how the use of recycled material can save plastic material and safeguard the environment.

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