Design Process

The study and the development of a new product design is aimed to combine a creative idea and its industrialization process. In order to satisfy this main goal, the Design Team follows the 6 steps of the Design Thinking process: Emphatize, Define, Ideate, Develop, Prototype and Test.

The creative concept development requires an empathic understanding of the problem, it is therefore essential to listen carefully and fully understand our customer’s needs in order to provide custom packaging design.

The industrialization process needs a practical approach aimed to innovative solutions combining customer’s desires and technological and economic sustainability.

The team provides a real design support to the client at all phases: market research, analysis of needs, customized proposals, rapid prototyping of the plastic bottle, to first industrial sampling.


I have a challenge

Research and Insights

The first phase requires a deep market analysis to reach the inspiration and insights that will give way to a brainstorming of ideas meeting our customer’s needs. A correct analysis of the competitors provides the necessary stimulus to offer suitable solutions and create an innovative design.


I learned something

Analysis and Needs

Our Design Team is committed to study and analyze the results obtained through the research, defining the product requirements and combining aesthetics and functionality.

Ideas start to develop and solutions take shape!


I see an opportunity

Generation of creative ideas

The exploration produces creative proposals, different shapes and styles.

We establish a first dialogue with our customers, using sketches and advising on the best choice to fulfill their every need.


I have an idea

Development of the guiding proposal

The initial idea becomes more and more structured, combining visual design and productive feasibility through 3D designs, representations and different shapes studies.

The FEM simulation analysis helps to anticipate any future technical problems with the shape and obtain the desired performance before starting the industrial phase.


I build something new

Mockup the final solution

Thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D printer, our Design Team realizes mockups in short time, enabling you to touch with your own hands the physical representation of the definitive idea, assessing its characteristics in terms of ergonomics, usability and feasibility technique.

Technological innovation entails competitive advantages for our customers during the launch phase of new product lines or restyling proposals of existing packaging.


I make improvements

Packaging samples and Quality Control

Our Lab Machine allows us to realize a first batch of product samples.

Our in-house laboratory gives us the double advantage of carrying out a full analysis of quality control on the samples, and adjusting the production process in real time.

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