Food & Dairy containers

Techne stands out among its competitors for its sterilization process based on a special multilayer technology. We help companies in the migration process from carton to plastic containers for long-life products such as milk, yoghurt, fruit- juice or tomato sauce.

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CUSTOMER: A large dairy cooperative producing milk bottles for European market.
MACHINE: E2-1000 Aseptic

Milk Bottle
Case Study

More bottles, less energy = lower cost.
A large dairy cooperative, producing milk bottles for the European market, needed to improve its bottle performance and increase production efficiency reducing environmental impact.

A 100% recyclable packaging, a shelf-life up to 6 months for the product.
The cooperative has relied on our staff to improve the pouring capacity of the product and perfecting the closure of the bottle so as to avoid content spillage.

The choice of Techne multi-layer technology has proved to be fundamental for the preservation of the product up to 6 months, thus duplicating the shelf life of the liquid contained in the aseptic carton. With this solution, the client has reached a more reliable packaging solution, practical to use and 100% recyclable.



100% Recyclable:
> Complete reuse of plastic containers;
> Recovery of kinetic energy;
> Environment-friendly technical solutions;


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