New Extrusion Blow Molding machine

Stroke 380 mm

A new project born in 2021, the E-380 extrusion blow molding machine has been studied and developed following a totally different concept from the other Techne range of machines.

The E-380 is a small extrusion blow molding suitable for small productions.

Despite having quite different structure compared to the other Techne extrusion blow molding machines, this new product maintains the same very high quality standard that allows its use for more than 20 years.

The E-380 can be configured with both Monolayer and COEX (up to COEX 3) extrusion head.

Bottle sizes range from 60 ml to about 2L.

The E-LINE series offers 3 core benefits: low consumption, low maintenance, and ease of use.




Download the datasheet to view more detailed technical features.

The main advantages of this new extrusion blow molding are:
  • Security system certified by B&R: allowing operations of fine tuning on the blow pins or on deflashing also with opened access doors;
  • Vertical adjustment system of motorized blow pins: there is no need to stop the machine to vertically regulate the blow pins, but simply vary the parameters on the user interface screen;
  • The carriage stroke has several configuration options. The E-380 can be configured with 360, 380 or 400  mm to allow those customers who already own molds of other EBM machines to adapt them to the new Techne machines.
  • Extremely flexible machine type: ideal for the production of different bottle sizes thanks to its tooling adaptability and interchangeability;
  • After the deflashing there is one more station, where it is possible to insert the calibration together with the leak tester or as an alternative the leak tester together with the cutting dome system. In fact, the cutting dome system is an optional that can be included inside the machine.


The PLC machine control is a user-friendly graphic interface also for those operators unused to working with full electric machines and it allows:

  • Data exchange according to the standard OPC that promotes interconnectivity in Industry 4.0;
  • Receiving messages remotely on smartphone or tablet computer for data read and export.



CAVITIES NUMBER 02 03  04 05
CENTER DISTANCE mm 175 115 85 67,5
MAX BOTTLE WIDTH mm 157 103 76 60,5



CAVITIES NUMBER 2 x 02 2 x 03 2 x 04 2 X 05
CENTER DISTANCE mm 155 102,5 75 60
MAX BOTTLE WIDTH mm 139 92 67 53,5
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