At Techne, aseptic is synonym with safety and the capability to supply 100% of your products in sterile containers.

Aseptic standard processes include the sterilization of the bottles before filling (internal and external), which implicates the use of chemicals like Oxonia (peroxyacetic acid / hydrogen peroxide) and water rinsing after treatment. This process can be tricky when bottles have specific shapes with dead areas, thus becoming difficult to ensure that there is no residual chemical after the treatment that could alter the final product properties - such as the taste of a product.

To avoid this issue, a lot of companies opt for a technology which directly feeds the filling unit with sterile bottles, without the need of rinsing the inside part. The principle of aseptic blowing has been developed by TECHNE machines since 1992 and it is used on numerous dairy and pharmaceutical lines worldwide. It consists of a sophisticated system which filters the air used to form the bottles and sterilizes the air piping circuit with steam, thus eliminating the use of any chemical agent.

The result is a sealed and sterile bottle which comes out from the extrusion blow-moulding machine, before it is stored in silos or sent directly to the sterile chamber for filling.