Whatever your requirements may be, we can design top quality containers for personal care and cosmetics products, of any size and format, all strictly designed and tested according to your needs.

Personal care packaging

CUSTOMER: Important personal care company on the market for more than 38 years.
AREA: Maghreb

Case study


Same bottle, but greener.

Our customer needed to reduce the impact of his environmental footprint, improve the sealing performance and reduce the cycle time.

Multi-layer bottles (Coex3) for recycled material use. 

In order to optimize the product, bottle weight has been significantly reduced and thickness optimized, improving its performance.

We were able to obtain a perfect balance between high-end quality on the external and internal recycled layers.
The mould has been customized according to the customer's needs.



100% Recyclable:
> Complete reuse of plastic containers;
> Recovery of kinetic energy;
> Environment-friendly technical solutions;

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