ADVT-750 Pharma

  • State of art testing equipment
  • Tests for UN Approval
  • Design with wide view
  • Analysis of bottle weight reduction
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A fully electric linear extrusion blow-moulding equipment

With its single and double shuttle configurations, the ADVT-750 Pharma is ideal for companies looking for a machine with medium-to-high production capacities and flexibility in terms of production. This machine is available in two different versions, Ultra Clean or Aseptic.

The 750 mm stroke allows you to manufacture containers from 1 to 6 layers with capacity from 50 ml to 10 L, in the standard or neck to neck version.

The ADVT series gives you 3 core benefits – low consumption, low maintenance, and ease of use. It can help you overcome the maintenance and process issues that you face every day. All areas of the machine can be accessed safely and easily, from the moulds to the head, extrusion platform, and electric cabinet. Therefore, parts can be removed and replaced quickly when necessary, to get your production line up and running again swiftly, with minimal downtime. In addition, the interface is simple to use even for operators who are not used to working with fully electric machines.



  • Aseptic/ultra-clean blowing system made with stainless steel/ptfe pipes.
  • Flat design to facilitate internal and external cleaning of surfaces.
  • Fan Filter Unity Application: an essential system for maintaining clean air and contamination control.
  • Extraction Unity: used to extract from the machine the dust generated during the production cycle.
  • Specific painting, suitable for the application of aggressive detergents.
  • Large use of inox components.
  • Connectivity of the machine to the company network for monitoring production data / alarms / production trends.
  • Doors designed for high visibility.
  • The Audit  Trail is a chronological sequence of unalterable information on transactions or other activities that have affected or altered metadata objects, held in sufficient detail to allow the reconstruction of a previous activity and the examination of the sequence of events and/or changes in an event. An Audit Trail record therefore consists of information that cannot be altered and that shows who accessed a calculation system and what operations they performed during a given time interval. Audit Trail records are useful both for maintaining security and for recovering missing transactions.
CAVITIES NUMBER 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
MAX CENTER DISTANCE mm 345 225 165 132,5 110 95 82,5 72,5 65
DISTANCE BETWEEN BOTTLES mm 34,5 23 17 13,5 11,5 9,5 8,5 7,5 7
MAX BOTTLE WIDTH mm 310,5 202 148 119 98,5 95,5 74 65 58
MOULD CARRIAGE STROKE mm         750        

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