Whether your priority is top quality or cost-effectiveness, we design specific containers for household cleaning products. Customization can include labelling recyclable-plastic inside the mould.


Home care packaging

CUSTOMER: Big South American converter producing for the biggest household Labels.
COUNTRY: Colombia



The customer needed to reduce the amount of plastic per bottle, improve the sealing of the cap and reduce the cycle time keeping the original shape of his product.

As light as it gets.

The result of this development is a 15% weight reduction, guaranteeing industrial performance.
A redesign of the bottle with minimum aesthetic impact.

An improvement of the stacking performance. The refine of cap neck sealing design.
Optimized cooling circuit for cycle time reduction.
In addition, to facilitate the application of labels, a bulging control has been made, optimizing the parison (400 points).



100% Recyclable:
> Complete reuse of plastic containers;
> Recovery of kinetic energy;
> Environment-friendly technical solutions;

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